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Bite your upper lip, and learn to say love without whispering their name. Your heart is a house so full of cobwebs, I can’t tell if the lights are on, or if anyone is home. It’s time to clean house. Change the locks to your front door, so you can stop hoping that they kept your key and are coming back. Throw out their old sweaters and stop buying their favorite food. This is going to hurt and you are going to suffer for it, but like battling cancer, this is a fight you will win, because you have so much to live for, without them holding you down. Climb a mountain and see how the landscape is beautiful, scars and all. Beautiful. You are brighter than the farthest stars, so shine knowing that there are no words for describing your worth. It is just common knowledge.
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I’m losing control.

I’m afraid it will all slip away soon.

I don’t know why

I don’t know how.

All I know is that my heart 

is pounding against my chest,

which is weighed down a thousand pounds.

Every time I think it gets better,

it gets worse.

And worse.

And worse.

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